Nadine Spalter Ceramic Artist
Potters Council Calendar
My work 'Vessels' was selected for inclusion in the 2013 Potters Council Calendar General Selection category, for the month of October.
Nadine Spalter Bio

2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 ASP annual Domesticware Awards

2010 Great Expectations
Annual Diploma Exhibition
Fire and Clay

2011 Earth Matters (Waiheke Art Gallery)
MS Exhibition at Aotea Centre
Metonymy Exhibition Corbans Estate
Big Smoke NZSP National Exhibition
Fire and Clay
Great Expectations
Portage Ceramic Awards
Portage Ceramic Awards at the Suter Gallery

2012 Sanderson Gallery Sculpture and Object Exhibition
NZ Society of Potters National Exhibition
Fire and Clay
Sanderson Gallery Advent Group Exhibition
Portage Ceramic Awards

2008: Peoples Choice Students Exhibition
2010: Merit in annual Domesticware Exhibition
2011: Premier in Annual Domesticware
People’s Choice Students Exhibition
Recipient of the Sonya and Les Andrews Scholarship Award
2012: Joint Double Merit Award with Christine Thacker in Fire and Clay Exhibition

James Wallace Trust Collection